Graphics program for CodeBlocks !

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Graphics program for CodeBlocks !

Hello there
I am learning C and C++. I am using Turbo and CodeBlocks as my regular compiler. Though I use CodeBlocks most. Turbo is outdated its don't have much features, but Codeblocks have a lot features. That is why I use CodeBlocks.
I have write some graphics program something like I have wrote program for making our national flag, triangle etc. on Turbo. Today I was trying to do the same at CodeBlocks. But when I was trying to add the header file graphics.h its not working ! I mean its showing error that invalid header file. I know some old header file (which work on turbo) don't work on CodeBlocks. But I didn't know that graphics.h will also not work. I am curios to know which header file we can use for graphics program for CodeBlocks ?
If you know then please share with me and if you will write a sample program then it will help me a lot

Thanks in advance.


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