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No catch, a simple 10% fee

About Service Fees

When you list and sell services on CodeClerks, we charge selling fees. The fee is 10% of the total amount of sale.

More info about service fees:

  • We will verify your credit card below by issuing a $1.00 authorization charge. This charge will disappear from your statement in 2-5 business days.
  • You agree to be charged to the card entered for future seller fees of 10% of the total.
  • Service fee charges are non-refundable even if you do not complete the order.
  • Your services will be suspended if we are unable to charge the card below but we'll let you know ahead of time.
  • You'll be charged within an hour of the time of sale unless the total amount due is less than $20. In that case, we'll aggregate the amount due > until it is $20 or more and charge the total amount due at once.
  • This fee may increase or decrease in the future.
  • The fee will be taken from any balance funds first.
  • If you allow affiliates to collect more than the standard fee, you'll be charged for this at the same time.
  • This fee will not apply to orders made via balance.

How Fees work?

How Fees work?

Fees are automatically calculated once a sellers gets an order. Once an order is made, 10% of that order will be invoiced as a fee for that order to the seller. If the seller has a remaining balance, the invoice will automatically be paid using it.

Why The Fee?

We want to be transparent with our sellers and let you know about all the fees we charge you. We make this marketplace possible by charging a 10% fee, while giving our sellers the most amount of money in thier pockets possible. We try and make CodeClerks the most affordable marketplace on the web, while also trying to make our sellers happy.

Why The Fee?
You should Know...

You should Know...

When you set a custom affiliate amount on your service anything over the default 5%, the amount extra will be taking out of your service. (IE: If you offer 50% custom affiliate amount, you'll get 45% of the order)

Affiliate Sales

Any direct payment (direct to the seller) is a 5% affiliate pay (or 11/12% for level 4+). This is 50% of what CodeClerks makes, which is now 10% rather than 20%. The ratio has remained the same (1/2), but the amount CodeClerks collects is reduced.

Read through reviews from other buyers just like yourself and determine if a service is perfect for you or if it should be passed on.
Become an affiliate of CodeClerks today and earn 5% of all orders!