I'm installing web analytics code

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I'm installing web analytics code

I'm installing GoStats code (analytics) in my site, however, I have a question: is tracking code best installed in the <head> section or the footer? What are the advantages/disadvantages?


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I'm late but I would like to add to it.

It depends what you value more. If you load script in head section, it will slow your page down. On the plus side, you track more users.
If you don't load in header, there is chance the user might just press the back button before the script is loaded and you don't get analytics.

But if the script is something like Universal Analytics (Google Analytics) which loads asynchronously, you can place it anywhere and it won't hinder the page render.

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You can add any where your tracking codes, where you want to track.. Normally users paste tracking code on home page for track whole website.

you need to paste your racking code under <head>Tracking Codes.</head>

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