Public or Private Registration Tool

Public or Private Registration Tool

*I have a few other projects if you are interested in freelance work let me know.

I have lots of purchased and template code including dashboards to speed up the coding process and project delivery. I also have several email scraping scripts to integrate into the project as well.

Need the ability to batch upload CVS files or .txt files to run large scale URL scans (5,000 domains at a time).

Password protected login with two step SMS authentication and A CAPTCHA so I can host it on my server securely. I will be the only one using it so I will not need a multi-user registration system - only single user.

Need to have program rest so it does not get flagged. Possibly a batch style cron job to continuously run and pause then run.

Output: Looking for all contact info is a user friendly searchable way . Primarily I am looking for register contact information, does the hosting have SSL or not (http or https), and most importantly I need to know if the site is registered to the domain owner or is it registered private registration through a domain registrar. I also need to know where the domain name is registered and the hosting provider.

The output needs to be flexible for working with the information. Ability to download to CSV and txt or work with the information in a MySQL database.

If a domain/url is no good, cannot find the information, etc. I need it removed from the working list and put into a separate list.

If domain/url is good I need the domain/website scraped for email addresses, phone numbers, fax number, mailing address, and all other contact information in addition to the contact information provided by the Domain Registrar lookup (ICANN version, Godaddy version, and others).

Lastly, I need a simple web dashboard to performing the searches and working with or downloading the results.


Thank you,


Quick project completion and communication are required. Interested in freelancers input on all of our projects including this one.

Skills Required

Coding Developer Mysql


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