Web Application for Managing Automotive Inventory

Web Application for Managing Automotive Inventory

I have an excel file that has all our new and used inventory, this needs to be the basis of this application. We need to be able to add and delete inventory daily. When deleting inventory we need to be able to specify weather it was sold, sent to auction, or have a place for notes.

Here is the main functionality that we need for this app. It can be built using whatever. we just need to be able to use it on tablets running either windows or android. If its a web based app I can host it and provide the hosting space and domain to build it on.

Enter a vehicle:
Stock #
Preferably have a VIN Decoder that will populate the basic information.
Fields needed to add a vehicle: (These will also match the start file of inventory)

Stock #
VINPhotos (Yes or No select)
Certified (Yes or No Check Box)
Status (Drop down with different status options)
Recall Status (Also drop down with status options)
Body (drop down select) will provide all the data needed
Disp (Drop down)
Markup (Field Calculates based on formula from cost and price fields)
OdometerLocation (Drop Down as well as option to enter a custom answer)VDP URL (Text field for url entry)Notes

We also need the ability to select some options that will feed the vehicle into other reports. For example if we enter a vehicle that is in arbitration we need to be able to click on a Arbitrations tab from the main page and see all vehicles in arbitration with some specific information. So if when entering the vehicle you select arbitration then a conditional logic option should open and ask some information about the arbitration.

We also need these same features for editing a vehicle entry. For example if the service department puts a vehicle into service, they would search for the stock number, find the vehicle, edit the entry and change the status to "Service" then a conditional logic would open asking specific details about its Status in Service. The same for all the other statuses.,
I can provide all the information needed, I can also help with design layout if needed. The system would operate from a central dashboard and allow multiple users.


See description

Skills Required

Apps Developer Webdevelopment


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