uBot HTML UI checkbox is always on?

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uBot HTML UI checkbox is always on?

I'm trying to use a checkbox in my uBot HTML UI but it is always on. When I test the value, it is "on" whether the checkbox is checked or not. How do I use a checkbox properly in the HTML UI so that when it is not checked, it is not on? Here is my code:

<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"testcheck\" value=\"testcheck\" variable=\"#testcheck\">

Is there anything wrong there?


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It looks like you forgot to put the fillwith value (fillwith="checked"), which will give an improper value in uBot. Try this:
<input fillwith=\"checked\" type=\"checkbox\" name=\"testcheck\" value=\"testcheck\" variable=\"#testcheck\">

That should give you a correct reading in uBot when you read the variable. 

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