Why won't my edits show up live on my website?

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Why won't my edits show up live on my website?

Recently, I made some edits on my website and they did not show up live so that it was not possible to see the finished results. Later on, I came back and my page was revised. This is annoying as I need to see the site changes right after they are made to ensure the site looks right. Why does this happen?


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Hi Caitlin,

This is due to your browser making a cached version of your website. This is so that when you visit a website for the second time it will load much faster because there'll already the cached data it can access much faster.

To clear your cache it will depend on your browser but it's usually in the clearing browser data area, the area where you can also delete history, cookies, saved password, etc. For Google Chrome it's Settings > Tools > Clear browsing data... - Then just tick 'Empty the cache' .


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