Setup Cdn Content Delivery Network For Your Site maxcdn, cloudflare, apsula, Amazon or any other for $35

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Setup Cdn Content Delivery Network For Your Site maxcdn,cloudflare, apsula, Amazon or any other

will setup amazon cloudfront for your websites which make it faster to load for your users around the world.

Please note - you can pre-order this service, only if you have Wordpress CMS based websites. For Joomla, etc. please check with me first.For non-CMS websites, pls check with me before the order. I may accept for extra charge, but might also reject the order, based on number of pages, language, platform, etc.

Cloudfront is a CDN service from amazon that enables content delivery from various endpoints around the world. It can store copies of your site's static content, and deliver them to users from the nearest geographical end point, making pages load 10 times faster.

Choose one of the packages depending on the CDN integration you need.

  • Standard: CDN Pull mechanism

  • Premium: CDN Push using S3

  • Pro: CDN Push with SSL+CNAME support

NOTE: There is a cost associated with using CloudFront - generally less than $5 per month for small sites with average traffic.
For CNAME, SSL support, order service extra.

You will have to provide me your AWS account details (IAM or root credentials) and your website admin login details.


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Setup CDN with S3 support, but no SSL 6 days $60
Amazon CDN Push using S3 with SSL + CNAME 10 days $100

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