Lockr - Lock your pages with only 1 line of code for $5

Level 1
Supported Operating Systems:
Webware, Code, Other
Additional Requirements:
You are required to have PHP in order to run this script.

Lockr - Lock your pages with only 1 line of code!

Lockr - Lock Your Pages
Have you ever wanted to limit access to specific pages from users? Presenting you a solution which is as simple & easy as it gets - just use a single line of code and you're done.


  • No installation or usage of databases required
  • Expansive configuration options, including log-in persistence
  • All-in-one package, everything is included in a single file
  • Simple usage - only one line of code for full implementation!
  • Fully responsive design with multiple color options

You can test a working version of Lockr with default settings here. The password is set to
You can also visit Lockr's project page here.

Extremely basic example, using the default settings:
<?php include("lockr.php"); lock("password123", array()); ?>

If you want to use Lockr's customization options, put the desired options inside an array in the lock function call.
<?php include("lockr.php"); lock("password123", array('persistence' => True)); ?>

For full configuration instructions, visit Lockr's project page or view the readme file.


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