• Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot
  • Mass Site Visitor - a Traffic bot

Version: 0.7

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Other

Additional Requirements

Program should run independently of any third party libraries and runtimes, tested on a clean install of Windows 8.1



Mass Site Visitor (MSV) is designed to generate large amounts of traffic to websites of your choice through the list of proxies in a multi-threaded way. You can set referrers and user agents, which along with proxies will be randomly selected to create a browser session. Referrers, user agents and proxies should be stored in a text-file and can be appended to an already loaded list in the program by pressing the 'Load the list' button. Remember to add the word socks5 after the ip of a public socks4/5 proxy, separated by a whitespace.

Results for this browser session you can select to save as an image snapshot for every visit (to see how web-site is seen from different IPs), with a customized behavior of the browser while it's on page, you can set the program to click some links too (check out Settings - Options).

There is an ability to filter out non-responsive proxies from the ones that work, and save them to file (Settings - Export Healthy Proxies).

If you don't have a proxy list of your own, and the one supplied with MSV isn't satisfactory (with time those proxies might cease to work), there is an ability to scrap public proxies from the web, Settings - Import Proxies from the web, if you are scraping proxies from the web, you don't have to worry about adding the proxy type for a socks proxy, program will save all the info in the right format.

The log of events, that happened in a context of the program is available for the user to study. It will contain messages about the proxy scraping process, as well as the process of sending traffic through proxies to the target website.

See the video preview

Latest features include:

1. JavaScript referrer spoofing (for Google Analytics traffic sources)
2. Chromedriver (non-headless browser to influence video/audio view counts on web-sites that track the playback from visitors, and count anonymous, non-logged-in viewers). Pro-tip: don't use JS referrer spoofing with this feature, because media sharing sites don't care much about traffic sources, that would be only useful for influencing Google Analytics.
3. More proxy filters for scraper.
4. Test all proxies (will use the connection timeout and number of attempts from the Options window)
5. Private proxy support, consult the manual as to how setup you proxy list to supply authentication info for a private proxy provider.
6. Editable browser dimensions. Check the Options menu, use the format, as you'll see for the default resolutions, provided with the program.
7. Firefox geckodriver. For cases when Chrome is not enough. Nightly is a preferred version, because only it was working properly without crashes on different machines.
8. Experimental: Alexa toolbar/extension. Warning: works stably only with Firefox Nightly.
9. Multiple web-site destinations for a session. One web-site per line in a textifield - one of those will be randomly selected each time to visit.
10. Search for the element to click within an iframe. If a link is within an embedded third-party web-page, consult the manual on how to use it. If the link isn't in an iframe - just leave the last 2 textfields of the script as they are (one with NO, another empty)

Version 0.6 released (3 Dec 2017):
  • selenium library updated to 3.6.0 - stability improved
  • Third-party dependencies added into the About window
  • Open working folder button in the Options window - for users' convenience
  • Bugfixes/code refactoring/stability improvements
Version 0.7 released (24 Jan 2018):
  • 3 additional proxy scraping targets
  • Bugfixes, stability improvements

Don't forget to reduce thread count if you are using low-end machine. Having several dozens of threads running browser sessions that are being created/destroyed constantly, and are trying to load some web-page is a performance-heavy task.

If you have trouble using the bot with Chrome/Firefox, it may be due to an outdated version of the webdriver , which is provided with the
bot in the bin/ folder (chromedriver and geckodriver (Firefox)). You
should download the latest version of those from the official web-sites,
check these links

User Ratings

  • stamer
    stamer 2 years ago

    Программа работает не плохо, но она не качает alexa rank, возможно автор скоро все исправит, но на данный момент софт - сырой.
    Зря только потратил 19$.

    The program works not bad, but it does not swing alexa rank, perhaps the author soon everything right, but at the moment the software - crude. I should not only spent $ 19.

    • headshote

      According to one of the customer rewievs at Clerks, it does work for Alexa, interestingly enough, at first he seemed convinced too that bot doesn't work for Alexa, but after running it for a few days, he started seeing the results. My 5 cents: if it worked for one person, it should, probably, for everyone, no need to project your disability on the software. Granted, I myself never used MSV for Alexa rating. Shame, though, that you seem to have a trouble with it and Alexa.

Buyers Comments

  • Reizon

    faz por 5 dolares por favor?

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    I don't think you'll ever find a traffic bot for $5. Current discount price is as good as it gets.

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    We need to reduce the price by $5 happy new year to you

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    Ah, what the heck - dropped the price to 10$ on account of New Year and whatnot. Get it while there's still time.

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    thank you Please return the rediscount again i wll buy now

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    Thank you for this wonderful discount 10$ happy new year

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    Hello happy new year to you

    So sorry for the late reply I want to buy the program by $10

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    Fat chance of that now, unfortunately, the sale is over and I can start a new one only a month later. But you can check out my page at SeoClerks, I might start a new sale there in a few days

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    Reduction should continue for another month, at least.

    plz help me i need your bot

    2 years ago
  • aamr

    I need this program, I have just $8

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    I need this program, I have just $10 plz help me

    2 years ago
  • islamkhalid

    hi pro I need this program, I have just $10 plz help me

    Is the program for life and will I get new updates?
    Can I specify the duration of visitor stay

    2 years ago
  • dianabevel80

    Will it works well with YouTube? I got a source of perfect private SOCKS5, but I need a Traffic Botter that can boost view of YouTube's videos. If it works with YouTube on increasing view count, I will buy it.

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    YouTube behavews really strangely, and I'm pretty sure that it stops counting views from anonymous users (i.e. non-logged-in) after a couple of hundreds views. Though I'm not too sure, because I think one of my customers had some success with it, ever since I have added Firefox (Nightly) support (my problems might have been due to using Chrome, it might have reported automated sessions (I use selenium) to Google servers secretly)

    2 years ago
  • AhrimanSefid

    support Backconnect Proxies??
    and click rand link in website controls tabs?

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    One of my customers uses Backconnect proxies (remember to use the keyword socks5 separated from the proxy ip by a whitespace, if those proxies use socks, rather than https protocol).

    Link clicks are not random, you have to specify which exact links to click, but you can set different click probabilities, for each link (pdf manual describes the process in detail)

    2 years ago
  • mavis

    hello there,
    can you please describe some words,
    do this software provides youtube views count,
    and second thing is how to get working proxies list?

    2 years ago
  • headshote

    it's good to bump your stats in GA, for instance. But I really don't have any idea what you've just asked.

    4 months ago
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