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  • Cell phone / mobile phone store

need a full working Cell phone / mobile phone store


populated database with products and pictures
ready to use, only need to set prices.

Skills Required



$ lvl.
Cell phone/mobile phone store
Contact me and let's talk about this project sir. i and my team of web developers will handle this for you professionally and also make the apk version of your ecommerse website available on playstore.
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Cell phone / mobile phone store
Dear advertiser,
greetings from mdanwarhc.
i'm a full-stack developer since 2002 and working successfully as an application developer as well as a microsoft certified application developer and microsoft certified professional since 2008.

i have strong command on following key requirements:

1. open source framework and thei

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I'm interested this task

i'm interested to work on this task.

can we please discuss ?



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$300 1 order now!


  • PhyllisWantedz

    Hi …I’m from a website called If you are not having any luck on Yet I would love you to try out our site. Ok if you chose not to I would love to hear your feedback anyway.

    Good luck in your hunt.

    Cheers Phyllis

    1 year ago