Wordpress Posts from XML or CSV file plugin creation

Wordpress Posts from XML or CSV file plugin creation

We currently scrape 8k to 10k records per day that are saved in a xml and/or csv file. We then take those records and create an individual wordpress post on our website using a template. We are currently using WPAllImport plugin to create the wordpress posts. It worked well in the beginning but has got very slow importing the records and we would like a custom lightweight and fast import plugin developed that is tailored to our data.

Basically want the core of wpallimport without all the bells and whistles. but it needs to be able to process an import in min/hours not days. we are currently running wordpress on a m5.large AWS instance running ubuntu

Here is a sample of how the post should look on our site:.


-Create WP posts from a xml file based on predefined template, set the taxonomy from the xml file, set post date from xml file entry, set featured image from xml file.

-Check for duplicate posts based on fields from the xml and database file and skip importing of duplicate posts.

- Filter imported posts based on category in xml file.

More specs will be discussed with potential developers during bid process.

Skills Required

Wordpress Php Mysql Xml Coding Csv


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