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  • myCred, Callback/Pingback URL for Offerwall
I need to set up a callback/pingback URL for offerwall (TrialPay, PeanutLabs, Paymentwall, OfferToro, AdGateRewards) for my wordpress website. I am also using the plugin, myCred. I also want to connect the offerwall to myCred. When the user completes an offer on an offerwall, the offerwall will send a request using callback/pingback, which then goes to myCred.

Must be familiar with Wordpress, Offerwalls, Setting up CallBack/Pingback urls, and myCred plugin for Wordpress.


must understand php, mycred plugin for wordpress

Skills Required

Php Wordpress


$ lvl.
i will do inegration
Hi i will integrate this plugin in your website within 4 hours ping me back
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