Hello, I am looking to build a website with two parts: 1 part for tour guides and the other for customers. Guides would have an account and sign in information whereas the customers would not. Is it possible to create a website where those who log in see something completely different to those who are visiting customers? Secondly, is it possible to have those separate parts interact? So for example if a guide is unavailable he can indicate so in his settings and a red cross will show up next to his name on the customer’s page. Is it possible to incorporate automatic messaging to different resources. If someone presses a button, or writes something, can it be sent directly to someone’s phone? And when someone puts in their payment info, name, and number, that information is recorded and I can go back to see the activity on the website correct? I can see what people purchased as in an e-commerce website? Is it possible to have star rating and feedback questions? And finally, a settings icon for guides to contact me and for them to specify whether they are available or not (without creating a separate page? I want to create a website that is particularly fit for mobile phones. I can give much more details so please contact me and thanks for your consideration.. Best regards.


I am attaching some files to give you an idea of the layout. This website is meant to be responsive and fit the mobile phone format so my designs were made according to that format.

Here are more pages. There are several things I don't have such as the guide photos but I can send some just to use as examples. And I was wondering if it would be easy to input things on my own once you are done, such as adding text, images, maybe background image, and links such as links to social media, to phone numbers, and to emails. Thanks very much.

It would be great if I could get this fixed background image, so it doesn't remains at the top when I scroll. I like the second one with a 25% opacity so that it is not very distracting.

Skills Required

Html5 Css3 Webdevelopment Mobile


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