Creating plugins for Rust Oxide

Creating plugins for Rust Oxide

1. Modifying 1 plugin to show gui for kill counts on scientists, players and murderers... Then adding a command /yield to reset kills to 0. Also add permissions
(very easy)

2. Looking over several mods... humannpc, npczones (my custom mod), waypoints and pathfinding.

Optimizing code.
Correct mistakes.
Make ai better.

Need npc fixed to lose interest on player after a distance.

Addding npc interact with objects.

Need npc to lock code locks after open door or garage door.

Want npc capable summoning rockets or using heli rocket prefab.

Creating new mod...
Player or Players offline more than set amount of time, make base raidable. It will create a zone around tool cupboard and sphere on base to allow players know its raidable.

I have few mods you can look at to create the new mod.


C, knowledge of using oxide hooks for Rust game. It's not much different from gmod.

Skills Required



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