Cloud Business - a simple accounting system of orders and goods

Cloud Business - a simple accounting system of orders and goods

This application will allow you to keep a record of the orders of your business online and finally forget for notebooks or 10 of the same document from different employees excel. This application can run at the same time many users at the same time they will have different access rights. Also in this application, you will be able to keep a record of the availability of the goods in your warehouse. This is especially true when running at the same time several people. Excluded the possibility of selling a product several times, because all that is written in the order from the warehouse becomes the reserve stock and shows the actual number of available goods with less provision.
The different order statuses enable you to navigate in the list of orders
In stock app itself will indicate to you how much you need to buy this or that product on the basis of the parameter "quantity default" and will also show the opposite excess stock on hand.
There is a module "turnover", he counts the difference between the prices of wholesale and retail, and shows you how much you have earned for each product and the total figure for the period.
Payroll module automatically calculates wages of workers taking into account their personal turnover of goods (based on the price specified in the order), divided by the percentage that you set for it.
There is the possibility to export the list of orders in the normal excel file with preserving the status of the order of colors and the ability to select the appropriate columns for export
There is the possibility to import / export warehouse
Manage users (create / delete / issuance of various rights)
Module "Tasks" to help you set goals for employees, thus saving you the excuses employees in the style of "You did not tell us this"
The program comes with a fully open source, so you can always fix it for your needs.


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