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  • Two sides paper opening with rolling effect(old paper style)

I need a flash object to use in my current project. You can see an example on

( It's not that I expect on you because this animation is already made by me )
You can read the requirements for more details.




I need a flash object that contains the followings:
  1. Animation must start from the center of horizontal (ideally 1300x300px as width/height ratio: 4,33)
  2. Rolling paper animation must end with a piece of unrolled part at the end(Of course rolled part must getting smaller).
  3. Animation must be reversible.(Opening and Closing).
  4. Whole paper must be divided as two parts at the middle(vertically) and both sides must listen mouseover and mouseout events with a dynamic(given) callback.(ie: javascript function);
  5. Animation must be colored as mainly white and shadowed as black(grey tones)

You are also welcome If you can do all of these with HTML5 and some other javascript framework.(must be responsive if you use canvas,svg etc..)

Skills Required

Html5 Javascript Flash


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