Agenda- Organizer App

Agenda- Organizer App

Organizer App---Will be successful. In category with Evernote, Notes, Drive, NoteBox. If you would like to take a small risk to be rich, this is the perfect project as I'm giving 30% Equity to the programmer. I will market the finished product. I will also pay fees to put into store. Looking for partner! This is an amazing opportunity. I will email the details.

I can give more graphic designs to make the app look better if needed.

Estimated 18 hours of programming.
250 plus 30% Equity and paid fees and marketing.

Possible make hmtl5 site to convert into app could be an idea. We will discuss all.


must be able to understand concepts so the app is developed towards the correct purpose.

Must have app development skills.
Possible to make note taking app also make camera scanner.
Possible to put pin code lock for one part.
Speaks adequate English.
Needs to work to completion (not paying for incomplete project).

Skills Required

Developer Programming Functions App Scan Scanner Freetime College Xcode


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