Can you have an online business Website Script?

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Can you have an online business Website Script?

So is it possible to run a business online, by running a website and offering only online services? Well, in my opinion, yes you can and there is a number of ways to do this. I have actually done this before using scripts and PHP which I purchased and made a business up from it. There are many successful business websites out there from sites like linkcollider, followlike and like4like websites. 

In a way these are business websites, yeah sure they do offer some form of free interactive sections for members but they also make their money from returning members buying points/coins and advertising packages. This is how they make their money and make their website grow. I also ran a website similar which I purchased a PHP script and installed it on to my hosting and domain. Which I did not have time to run at the time and sold the website. But, it is a great way to start a business online as long as you got SEO and traffic and the content what people are looking for.

What business should I run

Well, there are many businesses you can actually run online with a decent PHP script which you can buy from reliable websites. You could run a Traffic or social exchange website which I once run. I purchased a PHP script for $99  mn-shop to which allowed members to get free likes, social signals and traffic and also they had a choice whether to buy advertising for there banners and get impressions to also purchase coins/points. 

This is just one idea, sadly mine did not last long but there are other businesses this site sells many scripts. You could run your own smm panel allowing members to buy cheap social signals, as long as you can deliver the orders to the members who purchase from you then your business will be very successful. Use google to search for PHP scripts for business websites you be surprised how you can start your own business online with a low budget. 

Once you have your PHP script installed on your website then all you need is visitors which later may become your clients. Just promote your business and make sure you use SEO on your new site try to be a success. There are many websites out there which offer scripts to start your own business and great for new startups.  Many people run there own dating websites which there is a lot of profitable ones out there but these are very popular and will be hard to become successful but is possible if you work at it and gain respect from visitors and also will need to use a lot of advertising for a business like this.


Yes, you can run an online business online using website scripts. As long as you got the drive for success and work hard at it then success will follow and your business will become a successful one.


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Great concept I must admit.. Thanks for sharing.. As a newbie that I am, I will be implementing these strategy as outline by you here.. Thanks

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