Can you guys write code?

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Can you guys write code?

What is coding?Having you ever wondered, how computer software, apps andwebsites are created? It is through coding, even the apps on our smartphone, even this website, are all made with code. Basically, work the coding is not that difficult if you’re a deeper knowledge of the language, that your computer speaks, then the code you write gets converted into an instruction that a computer can understand.

The languages can be distinguished into two types

  1. Dynamic language, can be classified into many languages like, JavaScript is the most common, used to mobile apps. Then, there is ruby used for backend development and popular sites like Hulu and SlideShare. Python is another highly recommended language, it is very popular, Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram and many more have been with python.
  2. Statically Typed language is known for maintainable and it is very strict with catching errors through type checking. One of the most popular language under these, in C++ is powerful and fast and has been used to build games/game engines, desktop apps, mobile apps, and web apps. For an instance, Amazon, PayPal.

You one of these are you guys familiar with or some other programs? You can guys write code? I think it’s a massive advantage, that you can add to your service, it’s a money making machine you can help your customers to build apps and websites.


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Sadly no. I can edit it and make my way around a simple php/mysql script install but thats about it. Can you guys write code?

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