Coding: Why I initially learned to code PHP

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Coding: Why I initially learned to code PHP

I use to play online MMORPGs, the ones that you didn't need to download and could play through your browser, basically text-based MMORPG games. Often at times I wondered just how hard it would be to actually code, and create a game. So I then decided to create my first PHP MMORPG game.

I was lost immediately when trying to find out how everything works. The problem was is that I didn't even know you had to code to make a web page function the way you intended for it to. I was about 16 at the time, and was creating a game that was like a readable mmorpg where you click links to go to the next section.

This was very boring, and it prompted me to look into how to get a website to function how I intended for it to. This then lead up to PHP programming. I had no idea what PHP was and how to code it, so I decided to go on sites like GitHub, and Sourceforge to fork, or mess around with code.

I downloaded an opensource script, one which you could edit all you wanted to without having to ask permission from the original author. Then I messed up a code line and got my very first error message. I don't remember the error but this then lead me to actually google the error I recieved and this was my best mistake... ever!

After that error, I messed up the script some more and learned what functions did what, and how to start sessions, how to connect to the mysql database, how to program my own functions, and then ultimately this all lead up to me creating my own game, and my own PHP scripts. I am 23 almost 24 now, with about 8 years of PHP programming experience. I can code just about anything now using many different frameworks as well such as laravel.

So if you think that programming is hard, or if the code looks like a foreign language to you, don't be discouraged! Just replicate what I did, and you too will learn the basics of coding, and you'll be on your own way to create scripts. Who knows you may even get employed by a company to program for them!?


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Nice story man, I really wish my desire to learn programming started at age 16.

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