Free CMS & Blogging PHP Scripts

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Free CMS & Blogging PHP Scripts

You may have some need for a blog or CMS script, but are unsure what to use. I will list some blogging, and CMS scripts that are free to use. If you know of any that are not on the list please reply to this discussion.

Free Blogging PHP Scripts

Quite popular blogging software, used by thousands if not millions of websites. You can add plugins, themes, and many more features.

A clean, sleek, and basic blogging software. I personally love how 'clean' it is. Not as much plugins, and themes as Wordpress though.

I wasn't going to include this until I saw just how 'mini' it is. You could easily add this to any existing website. No additional plugins, or themes unfortunately. I guess that's what you get for settling for a mini blog..

A blog software that doesn't require a database. No themes, or addons.

Free CMS PHP Scripts

Quick.CMS offers responsive design, many extensions, and apparently good google results.

Subrion is a very good CMS, has a beautiful admin panel, and the frontend is just as beautiful. Contains plugins, and themes.

Contains modules & widgets, responsive bootstrap themes, and 20 languages included.

I hope you like this list, if I come across anymore I'll add it to the this discussion.


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