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What is XHTML?

Is there a difference between HTML and XHTML? What is better about XHTML than HTML?


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XHTML is an application of XML, which is quite a strict angle-bracket language.
HTML is an application of SGML, which is a much less strict angle-bracket language.
The margin for errors in HTML is much broader than in XHTML.

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HTML and XHTML are both languages in which web pages are written. HTML is SGML based while XHTML is XML based. They are like two sides of the same coin. XHTML was derived from HTML to conform to XML standards. Hence XHTML is strict when compared to HTML and does not allow user to get away with lapses in coding and structure.

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HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language ) is based on SGML . It is the markup language for developing web pages in a web browser. XHTML(Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language) extended version of HTML that is stricter and XML based. In XHTML Doctype is mandatory. It’s elements and attributes must be in lowercase. XHTML is better than HTML because It is well formed document.

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(XHTML) is a family of XML markup languages that mirror or extend versions of the widely used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the language in which Web pages are formulated.

While HTML, prior to HTML5, was defined as an application of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), a flexible markup language framework, XHTML is an application of XML, a more restrictive subset of SGML. XHTML documents are well-formed and may therefore be parsed using standard XML parsers, unlike HTML, which requires a lenient HTML-specific parser.

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  • Only HTML does not allow any type of user interaction.
  • XHTML allows you to create webpages where user can interact using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS. Like if we need some calculation it can be done on client's system using JS. There is no need to submit to server & get response back.

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