Closhare+plus Cool & Compact Php File App - Updated for $29

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Supported Operating Systems:
Windows Server, Linux, Webware, Code
Additional Requirements:
Requirements & Recommendations

### Turn php safemode off in your php.ini file.
### Turn open_basedir off in your php.ini file.
### Turn file_uploads = On in your php.ini file.
### Multibyte Functions(mb_string etc...)(Depending languages - default uses UTF-8 for encoding).
### Install/Enable php GD Support (with freetype)
### Install/Enable php curl with it's dependencies

Be sure that your server minds .htaccess files ( it's required for whole app and also security of file-system ).

Note: Apache mod_headers is also required, if it is not loaded enable it from your conf file or ask your hosting provider to enable it.

Additional Note: Closhare+plus minifies & caches asset files with mod_deflate or mod_gzip(Apache 2+) so for the best user experience please be sure you have enabled it.

Minimum / Best performance requirements/settings:

### Closhare+plus never minds the max_upload_limit if you have configured chunk file size limit right on your Closhare+plus settings. Default chunk file size limit is 2MB(Global "upload limit" scope of many hosting providers)
Anyway, while you configure the following options you must be aware of "upload speed of clients and file sizes".

In your php.ini file

memory_limit = 16-32M

upload_max_filesize = >64M ## This option depends on your needs. 32MB probably be enough.

Closhare+plus Cool & Compact Php File App - Updated!

Closhare+plus is a strong & stable file manipulation system for your personal files in a professional way. This ajax based PHP App give you the freedom on storing, sharing and downloading your files from anywhere. It also supports mobile devices.

Closhare+plus is a hard coded well documentated PHP File App. We spent more than 1500 hours to make it stable,secure and handy!

Changelog & News:

v1.5.9 Pre-update Released!

  • Updater fix.
  • Directory engine improvment.
  • Folder container icon placement fix.

You can check for updates from administrator account. If you get any errors to make update please contact me.
App Features

  1. Responsive design.
  2. jQuery & Bootstrap on client-side.
  3. Completely one page App( Fully ajax based ).
  4. Remembers what you had visited, selected or done!( Uses window.hash )[ History manager ].
  5. Php & MySQL on server-side.
  6. Uses MySQL to store data.
  7. Fast, Secure, Strong, Stable & Handy.
  8. Unique encryption/decryption system
  9. Administration panel.
  10. Unlimited folder icons.
  11. Modify upload behavior( limits, extensions, sizes, dimensions )
  12. Edit user login-register settings. Enable or disable social login-register.
  13. Edit e-mail templates.
  14. Multi User system.
  15. Social Login (Facebook, Twitter so far).
  16. User Disk Quota
  17. Search/Active/Deactive/Remove User.
  18. Automated One-Click Updater( Remotely ).
  19. Well Coded.

  1. Multiple file upload.
  2. HTML5 Drag & Drop support.
  3. Fallback for old browsers.
  4. Automatic start.
  5. Progress bars( individual files and total calculated )
  6. Notifies user after upload completed.
  7. Automatically deletes incompleted( canceled, failed ) uploads.
  8. Upload into any folder that you have created.
  9. Auto group files by known file types( by mime type )[ images, audio files, video files, documents and other file types ].
  10. Cancel upload.
  11. Mobile upload support.
  12. Chunked upload support( splits files on the given size in bytes then sends the server to upload ).
  13. Upload up-to 4GB.
  14. Generates thumbnails on both client and server-side for image files. It also creates view versions of Images.(Supported types : JPEG,GIF,PNG,BMP).
  15. Optionally creates thumbnails from PSD files.

List , View & Actions
  1. Create unlimited folders with description.
  2. Password protected, iconable folders.
  3. Edit, Move, Copy, Delete multiple files&folders at the same time.
  4. Create zip archive for selected items or whole a directory.
  5. Download individual or multiple items at once ( compresses multiple files as .zip)
  6. Completely download currently viewing folder.
  7. Folder tree with a recursive searcher-filter on the sidebar.
  8. Drag&Drop to move folders into any other sibling folder.
  9. Perfect item filter, pre-categorized items by their mime-type( 7 categories ) [ Only Files-Only Folders-Only Images-Only Audio Files-Only Video Files-Only Documents-Only Other File Types ].
  10. Usage Viewer ( Total usage, total disk size and count of individual item types ).
  11. Show/Hide Sidebar.
  12. Pretty listing, thumbnail view and list view ( Beta ).
  13. Powerful context menu( with touch support ).
  14. Rename and edit description of individual items with one click/touch.
  15. Send multiple items via E-mail at once ( generates a html e-mail template ).
  16. Share multiple items on your favorite sharing platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Thumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin).
  17. Lazy load files on scroll.
  18. View Images, audio and video files with viewer module.( as a unique touch supported lightbox ).
  19. Quick play for audio and video files.

  • Currently Closhare+plus requires to be installed on a vhost. So cannot be installed in a sub-directory. In version 1.6 it will able to be installed.
  • More security is coming.
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