i will do c programming projects for $10

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i will do c programming projects


Hi there! Welcome to my gig, just now found the best gig for your c projects. I'm here to code your c programming app, iam kerellos. I am working and learning c language for 7 mouthes but I learned a lot and made very helpful and simple apps as:

rock, paper, scissors game
smart calculator with steps of answer
challenge for two players, who is the faster in typing
2 different apps of password chick as sites
sign in (as websites)(first and second and user name, age, telephone number, gender, email, password, confirm password) all information won't save
continue timer
convert from binary language
convert to binary language
dice and get random num.
screen keyboard
search to user names as search in phone
giss the random number game
X & O game (TIC TAC TOE) with AI to win and block to from win
and more than 60 code

or I'll help you to solve your programming tasks

Services I Provided

  1. Loops
  2. Conditional Statements
  3. File Handling
  4. String formatting
  5. Basic of c language
  6. strings
  7. arrays
  8. AI with Conditional Statements
  9. Functions

  1. some of (windows.h)
  2. string.h
  3. conio.h
  4. ctype.h
  5. time.h
Feel free to inbox before ordering to discuss the project in detail

Stay blessed. Thanks


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