• W3C RDB2RDF - an Implementation
  • W3C RDB2RDF - an Implementation

Version: 2.0.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac, Linux, Other

Additional Requirements

This product comes with java source code, library JARS, and a pre-built application JAR file.

To run the JAR application file, an installation of the Java Runtime Environment is required.

Furthermore, unzipped, the folder can be opened, edited and compiled as an IntelliJ IDEA project.



An Extended Implementation of The W3C's Direct Mapping Recommendation
Research and development has resulted in a easy to use tool for quickly generating RDF in line with the W3C's RDB2RDF Direct Mapping Recommendation. This is an extended implementation that also provides for generation ontological statements in OWL 2 from information drawn from the source database schema.

Key Features
  • Quick and easy to use[/*]
  • Database schema agnostic[/*]
  • User defined namespaces and namespace-prefixes[/*]
  • Generate RDF for the entire database, or a single table
  • Generate foundational ontology in OWL 2
  • Generates valid RDF according to the W3C
  • Can align terms with those in existing ontologies
  • TIME-SAVING - Simple interface that is quick and easy to use.

    Streamlined use case: connect-then-generate. Additional features include generating RDF for single tables only, editing default namespaces and prefixes, etc.

  • COST EFFECTIVE - IT companies can use this tool to generate RDF graphs and OWL ontologies that can then be loaded into 3rd party ontology editing tools for exploration and further development. This tool can save money on employing specialists and consultants as organisations take the first steps in migrating their data to RDF.[/*]
  • EXTENSIBLEThe currently implementation demonstrates the RDB2RDF Direct Mapping Recommendation on MySQL databases. The code and overall design is relatively simple and straightforward to follow and can be extended to attach to alternative RDBMS's.[/*]

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