Article Rewriter Pro -for Websites, Blogs, Articles and simple Texts for $10

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Supported Operating Systems:
Windows and Mac
Additional Requirements:
Here's a quick overview of how to use the software...

Before using the software, create a folder on your PC with all the original text articles in.

To use an ebook instead of articles, it must be a .txt file. If it is a .doc or .rtf file, load it into WordPad (or any similar program), and then Save As a .txt file. Now create a folder on your PC with just this single .txt file in. You can use more than one ebook if you wish, just by putting them all in the same folder.

Now activate the software, which will appear as shown in the screenshot below:

Enter the number of new articles you want in the top box. Most people leave the other two boxes as-is, but you can adjust the values if you wish, to fine tune the article content.

When you have entered the details, click the Generate button. The software will ask you to select one of your original article files. The software will use all the article/ebook text files in the same folder. The software will then ask you to select where to save the new articles. The new articles will be named "article1.txt", "article2.txt", etc.

Note that the process of generating articles is totally random. The resulting articles will contain randomly selected parts of the original articles. Some parts of the original articles may get used more than once - sometimes even appearing more than once in the same generated article. Some parts of the original articles may not get used at all. Every time the software is used, it will generate a completely different set of articles.

Enjoy the software!! :')

Article Rewriter Pro -for Websites, Blogs, Articles and simple Texts

The benefits of the Software Pack solution
More and more people are creating their own websites containing videos or other forms of active content, such as games. The problem with this sort of website is that there is nothing on the page to attract search engines. Search engines like text that gives them an indication of the content - preferably unique.

Article Rewriter Pro software offers a quick and easy way to create suitable text, with minimal effort. The articles consist of full sentences, so can be analysed by search engines.

There are two benefits:

1. The built-in popup mechanism means that customers can

generally get software at lower cost than normal (and in some cases

free) - while software developers benefit from the built-in popup


2. Viruses and malware are a major problem on the Internet. Even

some of the big download sites are now deliberately installing

malware components in their downloads, in order to make extra

money from unsuspecting users. The Software iPack solution

provides enhanced protection against viruses, malware and other

undesirable components.

Just place your order and i will give you the file with software. So simple!

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