• Travel affiliate website design
We offer ready made travel affiliate websites development service based on wordpress platform, where you can easily making money online in your spare time. This ready made website is automated, no software's or product's are needed that you are ready to run your own travel affiliate business from home.
  • We put great emphasis on ease of setup and customization, there are plenty of options in the admin panel.
  • Professional premium design websites , high quality and uniquely created only for the work from home businesses.
  • Gain your earning opportunity to own a great online travel business for a lifetime passive income for newbies.
What is included in this service?
  • Free site installation (create database, wordpress site installation)
  • Free affiliate links setup (create travel whitelabel and integration into website)
  • Free support
  • Free simple website logo
What is required to keep the business operational?
  • You need to join TravelPayouts.com affiliate
  • You need to join Hotelscombined.com affiliate
  • You need to join Amazon.com's affiliate (if you want / optional)
  • You should familiar with wordpress platform website
Why are you offering this service?
  • To help anyone who want to run their own travel affiliate website
How does the business generate revenue?
  • Hotel booking affiliation
  • Flight booking affiliation
  • Car rental booking affiliation
  • Taxi booking affilliation
  • Amazon affiliation
  • etc.
Are there any expenses for running this travel affiliate business? If so, what are they?
  • Domain (yearly)
  • Hosting (depend on your hosting budget)
  • Promotion/marketing cost (if any)
How can the future owner improve the business?
  • Drive traffic
  • SEO
  • etc
How to make money with travel affiliate business?
  • I suggest you to read and learn how travel affiliate works at travelpayouts.com, hotelscombined.com, and also amazon.com
  • Upon clear, please join those affiliates before you place an order of my service. Don't forget to write down your affiliate details (username and password).
  • I don't guarantee how much you will earn money with your travel affiliate, because everything is depending on what are your effort to promote your website. More visitors more potential earning is a basic rule in affiliation marketing.
Do you have any live demo?
Yes, of course, please visit:
  • https://hexatravels.com
  • https://roomflights.com

User Ratings

  • gogloba
    gogloba 9 months ago


    • aexaff

      Thank you for using my service.
      Have an outstanding day. 

Buyers Comments

  • gogloba

    I am interested in this offer but I want clarification on the following:
    1. Can the theme used for http://travuk.com be used for my proposed website similar to http://envatour.com?
    2. Can website earning include income per visitor lead generated for travel companies? Like Google adsense?
    3. How soon will the project be delivered?

    9 months ago
  • aexaff

    1. yes, can.

    2. i used hotelscombined.vom and travelpayouts.com for affiliation. to make clear about earning, please visit:



    http://travelpayouts.com (in how much will you earn section)

    3. delivery time is about 3-4 days.

    - your domain & hosting details
    - affiliation login details

    thank you for your interested

    9 months ago
  • aexaff

    maybe something like:


    9 months ago
  • gogloba

    I hope the site homepage can have where i can embed
    some google adsense
    youtube videos
    advert banners
    newsletter optin in

    9 months ago
  • aexaff

    yes, this site is wordpress platform, all that contents can be embedded into the site.

    9 months ago
  • gogloba

    http://trivaday.com - this theme will be great.
    I need answer to the above question before I can place order

    9 months ago
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