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  • Wordpress: Extend A Plugin Functionality (Ultimate Member)
I’m looking for a wordpress expert to extend a functionality of a plugin called “Ultimate Member”. “Ultimate Member” is a plugin that allows users to signup, create a profile, edit their profile, follow, etc from the
frontend. The plugin does not allow users to upload their music, display their
music, and allow other users to play their music on their profile.


What I need:

1. the wordpress plugin “Ultimate Member”functionality extended so users can upload their music from the front end and to be playable from other users and visitors on their profile. I don’t have a music player in mind, you may explain if it is easier to use an third party plugin or if you need to build a new one.

2. For users to be able to share their tracks that they uploaded on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and in their shared post, users from that platform can play the track.

3. The functionality to be able to surf the website after playing a track without the track stopping. Essentially
having a fixed footer where the track will continue playing until another one
is played on the website.

4. Will have to be compatible on mobile and tablet.

5. Will need further add-ons in future.

Ultimate Memer Plugin:
Level Required: 2+

Skills Required

Wordpress Plugin


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  • Johnwes

    I have what you are looking for contact me asap if you mean business

    11 months ago