Need someone to make a Windows program

Need someone to make a Windows program

I need someone to create a program that generates novels and short stories according to the customizations entered in the form. The program would allow me to enter in details such as character names, setting, conflict, genre, etc. There is also an option to randomize the information. Once I'm done filling out the form, the program would create a full story, whether it be a short story or novel in Word format. The story would also be able to be manipulated, added upon and tweaked in order to produce a finished product. I'm thinking it would probably need writing samples or some kind of database to draw from in order to generate stories.


I need this software to be easy to use and ready to install. I also need to be able to make revisions just in case the program doesn't meet my specifications. I need a demo of the finished program in a video or photos to help me to use the program once it's done.

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