Paid to Promote Site

Paid to Promote Site

Looking for someone to design a simple Paid to promote script.

Here's the little feature I am looking for
Note (It can contain just One or Two pages on Frontend if it works accordingly)

- There will be no signup/login process
- The users will be identified and paid to their Litecoin Faucethub address. So instead of login details we use their LTC address. Withdrawals to be manual after reaching a certain threshold. Need to connect Faucethub API
- Script to have 468*60 and 250*250 and 300*250 banners
- Admin runs the ad on website can create unlimited or limited banner ads (Not limited to 10)
- Count only unique views per 1 Hour. (Not 24H) . So every hour an impression is generated from an IP.
- Advertisers can pay using Coinpayments API in LTC and in Doge with minimum order of 10000, Etc impression. CPM rates to be setup by admin
- Admin can view impressions on each ads (Its okay I don't want to look for clicks or CTR just need to know impressions served, but it would be good if you can add click details)
- Admin can set CPM rate for publishers.
- Admin have option to disable a website. Although website will be automatically approved.
- Admin can ban address if ever wished to.

That's all.

For API you can read Coinpayments and Faucethub API documentation.

Some website you can check so you can know what I am looking for (Can copy paste the frontend just make some changes make it responsive do some edits)

For Advertisers page order you can check the below site sample (Just for ordering impressions part)

Any additional work to make it look good or to ease its use will be appreciated and the person will be considered in more projects to come.

I would be happy if you can make banners responsive.

Note : This is not a CPM/CPC etc based Ads script. But just a simple PTP script.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP and maybe my SQL

Skills Required

Php Html Css3 Mysql


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