iWeatherTree Website and iphone app.

iWeatherTree Website and iphone app.

Severe Weather application by colour code and location. pulls data from NWS and NOAA. Simple front end asks for users location by city or zip. Then user can add up to 10 other locations. Once locations are entered, a list is created with colour of weather situation at that location based on advisory, watch, warning alerts. Green for no alerts, orange for watch alerts, yellow and red for warnings, and Black for PDS warnings. Example...let's say you live in Ohio but parent live in Illinois. Your weather is green for the day but what about the parents? The app asked you for parents, family locations. The parents have orange code.and short description pops up. They have a thunderstorm watch. Better make sure they i Weather Tree them. Cool right...I know! 8-)


It's all in the description.
Need for homepage and mobile app.

Skills Required

Android Ios


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