Server and Services online checker for $5

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Server and Services online checker

Network tool, what can support you, and your network in diagnostics.
​Avaible ping tor ip's and urls for checking response. Avaible 3 steps:
red: host offline, unavaible, dns problem, yellow: host online but problem with ping resposne, green: all ok
Nmap for checking ports open: 2 steps:
red: host unavaible, down or port closed, green, host up with opened port

  • Checking ip/url status (online, problem, offline)
  • Checking service status (online, offline)
  • Show detailed commands for ping and nmap (on screenshots)
  • automatically check all records after login
  • you can check server mannualy when you or your support fix problem by click refresh icon
  • you can go immedialy to your site/ip 
  • you can define that much ports and ip's what you like it


Online Testing Checker Networking Network Ping Nmap

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