• Google Adsense Niche Website + Strong Control Panel + Free Themes
  • Google Adsense Niche Website + Strong Control Panel + Free Themes
  • Google Adsense Niche Website + Strong Control Panel + Free Themes

Version: VNR Version 2.0

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Android, Linux, Webware, Code

Additional Requirements

A domain and web space on Linux server is required.
Nothing special.



Demo URL


Browsers Supported

All Popular Browsers

Update: Added fetching new articles from News API service, which will populate full article. One can add full article news from RSS feeds as well. There are two more themes other than default theme is included.
Check viralnewsmarket.in for sample.

  • Perfect script for Adsense earnings.
  • Fully Responsive Website Design and Documented Software.
  • Customized to Support Major Browsers.
  • Secure User Interface and Separate Strong User Control Panel with Settings, Logs and Point System.
  • Strong Admin Interface to Manage Contents with Ajax.
  • Fully Customizable Home Builder with more than 10 Modules. 3 Separate Modes to Show Your Featured Posts at Top.
  • Manage Users, Articles, Pages Easily with Separate Menus.
  • Strong Settings Module to Control Your Website.
  • Password Protected Articles Integrated. Admin can do Using Article Form or from
    Admin Control Panel under Posts Menu. Password can be further Sent to
    Users in Separate User Groups.
  • Articles Detail Page with Auto Load Articles Feature.
  • Articles with Sharing, Reactions and Comments Feature (Facebook and Disqus).
    Comment Feature can be Removed From Article Detail Page. All Pages are
    SEO Oriented.
  • Feature Rich Article Submission Form.
  • Add Tweets, Facebook Posts, Soundcloud Music, Photo Gallery, Photos,
    Reviews, Polls, Comparision of Devices (like Smartphones, TVs, Laptops
    and Others), Downloads, Pagination within Articles, Videos from Youtube,
    Metacafe, Vimeo and Dailymotion, Under Many Categories Article
    Submission, GD Library for Images, Write Codes Programs Using a Nice
    Rich Text Editor and Other Salient Features.
  • Captcha Integrated Forms. Captcha can be Enabled for Login Form as Well.
  • Social Network Login Feature from Facebook and Google.
  • Separate Module for Reviews and Compare Devices and can be Added as many for Number of Devices.
  • Create Sitemaps for 6 Separate Modules.
  • Backup your Database from Admin Control Panel. Backup can be Done on Individual Tables as well.
  • Separate Content Twister for Your Articles.
  • Ad Manager for All Your Ads From Header to Footer, On Sides, Between
    Articles and Other Places. Customizable to show at Homepage Only, or on
    Mobiles or Web.
  • Mailbox Module for all Your Outgoing and Incoming Mails.
  • Customizable Readymade Email Templates with Many Options Which can be Automated
    using Cron Jobs and Further can be Loaded with Articles. Monthly
    Newsletter Feature is also Provided.
  • Create Pages with Image for Your Website with Contact Us Form and Google Maps.
  • Reactions for Articles are Integrated which can be Optional.
  • Automate Your Website with Cron Jobs.
  • Manage Two Level Categories with Separate Colors to Distinguish.
  • Option to import demo contents to your website like categories, articles etc.
  • Quickly edit your article on article detail page with administrator login. This
    version of software allows only text edit. In forthcoming version, the
    article would be edited from wherever it is displayed and image will be
    replaceable without actually going to edit form.
  • Quick edit your article in admin panel as well.
  • Admin can edit or delete the article from frontend and can restore from admin control panel.
  • User rights can be modified for their posts content to be edited or deleted. Admin can modify / delete any post.
  • Future themes will be provided Free of Cost. Few themes are also included.
  • You can fetch from Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Break, Collegehumor, Dailymotion, Funnyordie, Metacafe, Twitch, Vine, and some websites containing videos as well whereas the Search button is only for youtube videos
  • Fetch Complete Article from different Website Using Their URL.
  • Shorten URLs for your articles purposes.
Two Demos
Demo 1: http://viralnewsmarket.in/
Demo 2: http://demo.viralnewsmarket.in/

Login ID: demo at the rate of admin.com (Ask for an admin demo)
Pass: demodemo


User Ratings

  • rd7ree
    rd7ree 3 months ago

    Excellent... Thank for all.... God Bless

    Sorry but i no speak english.. But in my language

    Excelente servicio y en poco tiempo... Gracias por todo...

    • omprakashroy

      Very nice and professional buyer!

      Ordered without contacting before and trusted me for everything.  I would always recommend this buyer.

      Thank you for your order!

      Muchas gracias por tu compra!

  • nnikju
    nnikju 3 months ago

    Thank you Seller!
    It was smooth flawless installation with detailed documentation and messaging support!

    Seller is very prompt in response and knowledgeable in communication.
    If you have other scripts let me know, will be back for buying.

    • omprakashroy

      Very very supportive and a professional buyer.

      I am touched personally with the positive attitude and good behavior of the buyer. Even though it was my first software sold on this portal, he never hesitated in course of  purchasing it.

      Overall wonderful experience!

Buyers Comments

  • gogloba

    1. Can the script be used on a wordpress platform?
    2. Can the script allow native advert on the web pages?

    10 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Dear Gagloba,
    Happy that you inquired this script! Here are your answers:

    1. No, but lots of features are available with this script.
    2. Yes, there is a separate option provided to manage ads in admin.

    10 months ago
  • maxayuba

    Hello, can this script automatic get articles from any website on its own and publish themautomatic and i can also use Adsense Ads?

    9 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Dear Maxayuba,
    Getting articles automatically has not been provided with the script. And yes you can use Adsense.
    The script to fetch contents automatically is currently under process and in next one or two days, it will be done. It will be added as a new feature.
    Thanks for your inquiry!

    9 months ago
  • maxayuba

    pls notify me if the script that will fetch articles automatic is ready, and make your price very cheap pls

    9 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Hey Maxayuba, the script now is ready for automatic articles fetching from different websites. And the script is cheap, use the coupon code 30PDISTPPXJ

    9 months ago
  • maxayuba

    How much sir? Also can I decide which websites to fetch from, also can you remove external links on my site, thanks

    9 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Dear Maxayuba, the price is around $21 ($9 less than the actual price). There are numerous websites you can fetch data from.
    External links can be removed.

    9 months ago
  • maxayuba

    I am ready sir, can u kindly just edit my old website and run the auto post script, I use WordPress and link is https://247devotionals .com

    i already have hosting and everything, and I will pay same amount

    hope u reply soon

    8 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Dear Maxayuba, sorry for the very late response! You have a very nice website but I am sorry, my script is not made under the wordpress. Though I can make same thing in wordpress but I am engaged in some other projects. If you feel about my script, you should purchase it and use whatever you like. I can customize it as per your needs as well.

    8 months ago
  • maxayuba

    hey boss, I can wait for you to be free so that you can customize WordPress for me.

    kindly keep me in mind, please. I will be waiting for you.


    8 months ago
  • maxayuba

    Hello, now if i buy tis script how many websites can you link for me to auto get their post?

    also what hosting provider should I buy?

    8 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Hello Maxayuba, sorry for the late response. I just was busy in completing other projects... If you buy this script, you would link unlimited websites. You can import posts from feeds as well. See, RSS feeds are everywhere and you just imagine about the posts you would get.
    You should buy a linux hosting and provider could be of your choice.

    8 months ago
  • maxayuba

    I have never used such hosting company, can we use Namecheap please? Or if you said Linux hosting can you suggest me the cheapest

    8 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Dear Maxayuba, I didn't suggest the hosting provider... What I said is to choose hosting on a linux server whoever be the host. If you find Namecheap is a good one, go for it. There is no issue with any hosting provider. If a hosting provider is cheap and best, why not! Once you purchase the script, it will let you download a zip file.... Please let me know once it is uploaded and installed on the server. I will provide you an updated file with bug fixes and other updates like new themes and software enhanced programs to do more for you.
    If there is some problem in uploading or installing the software, please let me know that one too. I will make sure that you experience the best out of it.

    8 months ago
  • maxayuba

    Hello, My colleague have decided we go news, we are ready to buy right away. Now I will give you the hosting login for Namecheap, and domain name, kindly just log in and install everything on the server then send us admin panel. I will also give you our Adsense codes to add r if we can do that from Admin panel fine.

    Let me know if i can place order and send you hosting login so you can install the work

    8 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Hi, you can place order anytime you want. Once done, private message me using "contact" link near my thumbnail with necessary details regarding upload and install.
    I already have described everything earlier and the script on sale is guaranteed which means you will get everything as described.

    8 months ago
  • nnikju

    Are you still selling this?

    3 months ago
  • rd7ree

    hi bro i interestd in your service, but, you speac Spanish... thanks and i talk you soom for buy your service

    3 months ago
  • omprakashroy

    Thank you for your order!
    I do not speak Spanish, however I can communicate in English thank you.

    I have left a message for you on order page.

    3 months ago
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