AmazonEx Amazon Products Scrapper for $9

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Supported Operating Systems:
Additional Requirements:
Widow - 2GB RAM
Firefox or google chrome
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AmazonEx Amazon Products Scrapper

AmazonEx is an advanced tool to extract product information from Amazon, You can extract the :

  • Product Name
  • Price
  • Brand
  • ISIN
  • Availability
  • Total Rating
  • Product Link
  • Extract Images (New)
AmazonEx allows you to set how many businesses you want to extract, just set the pages counts field, and every page contains from 1- to 25 products.
You can also set some advanced settings like set how many seconds to wait after every scrape or extract operation, how many seconds to wait after every X scrape operation, you can set all at 0 to finish the extract process as possible.

AmazonEx allows you also to know how many products are being extracted, how many pages are being extracted with a nice loading design.

Features :
  • Modern UI
  • Full Control of Extracted Information
  • Extract Products Images in Separated folder
  • Extract Results in CSV File Format
  • Extract Up To 7 Business Information (Name, Brand, Price, ISIN,Availability ….)
If you are interested in source code or re-sell the software with your own design and logo & add license system, don't hesitate
to contact us.

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