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Version: 1.0.0

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This is a plugin for Rust servers powered by Oxide.

Are you tired of having a map full of unused entities?

This plugin automatically finds all entites of your choice that are outside Cupboard Ranges. The plugin does not instantly remove the entites to avoid destroying bases that are currently being build. Instead, it reduces the health of the entities by a specified user value.

The plugin can clean up entites when the plugin is loaded/server is started and also based on a timer interval of your choice.

You can ignore entites owned by players with the Oxide permission
'autoremove.ignore'. Simply run the Console Command:
oxide.grant user autoremove.ignore

The plugin causes zero lag and it should reduce lag slightly by cleaning up the map multiple times throughout the day.

The plugin can be configured to broadcast a message every time the plugin cleans up the server and it can show how many entities had their health reduced or were destroyed.

No commands needed.

See the list of assets here: http://pastebin.com/i1pM0Bx0​

Default Configuration
"Broadcast": true,
"CleanOnStartup": true,
"EntityList": [
"ExcludePermission": "autoremove.ignore",
"LogToConsole": true,
"ReducePercentage": 10.0,
"TimerIntervalInSeconds": 3600.0

Default Language File
"LocatingEntities": "Locating all External Walls/Gates & Barricades outside Cupboard Range...",
"EntitiesReducedHealth": "Reduced the health of {0} External Walls/Gates & Barricades by {1}%.",
"EntitiesDestroyed": "Destroyed {0} External Walls/Gates & Barricades.."

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  • GLasiore

    If you are admin and you want to keep your server clean. Buy it, make 300 seconds and 5 from config file, oxide.reload AutoRemove to F1 and tataaa, every 25 minutes, externals will be destroed out of cupboard range! AWESOME! <3

    2 months ago
  • Dikiy

    how to configure the rotting foundations?

    1 month ago
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