• SkinBox for Rust
  • SkinBox for Rust
  • SkinBox for Rust

Version: 1.6.0

Supported Operating Systems


Additional Requirements


  • Rust Experimental server for Windows or Linux
  • Installed OxideMod-framework


Not Included

SkinBox is a plugin to convert any skinnable item into each skin variant
The plugin can use ANY Workshop by a simple command
The player is then able choose one of the created preskinned items.

You get also continuous plugin updates through my personal update-service-site to guarantee you always the latest plugin features and full patch compatibility.

The plugin features are the following:
  • Usage of any available Workshop skin
  • Fill up skins automatically per each item based on skin trending days
  • Item duping protection
  • Ammo duping protection
  • ItemMod duping protection
  • Items will have the same condition like the original
  • ItemMods will have the same condition like the originals
  • Ammo will have the same amount like the original
  • AmmoTypes will be the same like the original
  • ItemMods cannot be taken out of slots or put into slots
  • Closing the box without taking out an created item will give back the first created item

Clients might need to download first specific skin packs to see them all with the applied skin
The specific functions are detailed shown in this video:

skinbox.addskin 820574348 (one only)
skinbox.addskin 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)

skinbox.removeskin 820574348 (one only)
skinbox.removeskin 820574348 820610731 (two at once, or more)

How to get these numbers:
Open the WorkShop by your preferred Browser and click-open any skin.
In the URL you find a number. This number you need to add new skins

Example result after adding more skins:

Default config with description:
  "AvailableSkins": {
    "useApprovedSkins": true,  // load Approved Workshop skins
    "usedRankedByTrendDays": 30,  // used trending days for 'useWebskinsRankedByTrend'
    "useInbuiltSkins": true,  // load inbuilt default skins
    "useManualAddedSkins": true,  // load manual added skins, if any added
    "useWebskinsRankedByTrend": false  // fill up SkinCache per each item by WebSkins based on trend days
  "CustomPermissions": {
    "enableCustomPerms": false,  // enable additional perms to use by plugin, need additional permitted to 'permissionUse'
    "permCustomDeployable": "skinbox.deployable",  // permission to skin any deployable or construction parts
    "permCustomPlayerwearable": "skinbox.playerwearable",  // permission to skin any wearables
    "permCustomWeapon": "skinbox.weapon"  // permission to skin any weapons or tools
  "Settings": {
    "forceClientAlways": false,  // would force the client on every login to preload items skins based on the created skincache. needs 'forceClientPreload'
    "forceClientPreload": false,  // would force the client on login to preload items skins based on the created skincache. Only once by plugin runtime
    "noPermission": "You don't have permission to use this command!",  // chatfeedback at no permission
    "permissionUse": "skinbox.use",  // needed permission to use the plugin
    "showLoadedSkinCounts": true,  // to display on console the loaded skin amounts
    "skinBoxCommand": "skinbox"  // configurable chatcommand to open the skinbox

User Ratings

  • Rakenra
    Rakenra 2 days ago

    Thanks. You are awesome. Im a fan of your work!

  • robinOrNot
    robinOrNot 6 days ago

    how do i use it with the Premission thing ?

  • theycalphoenix
    theycalphoenix 9 days ago

    Hey fuji

    there are some problems with the plugin

    people lose they guns in it by get the error "NOTHING TO LOOT"

    i wonder if u can fix it :)

  • Xareyt
    Xareyt 9 days ago

    Спасибо. Отличный плагин.

  • Flaer
    Flaer 14 days ago

    Nice plugin!

  • JCTV
    JCTV 16 days ago

    Another amazing plugin Fuji! Love it man!

  • larjoo
    larjoo 17 days ago

    goood! thx man! good luck!

  • ST3V3O
    ST3V3O 24 days ago

    Very great plug in well worth the donation for it

  • glimmerman55
    glimmerman55 26 days ago

    Might i add this plugin is exceptional. Third plugin I have bought from you and I could not be more pleased.

  • Diesel42o
    Diesel42o 1 month ago


    • Fujikura

      muchas gracias :)

  • Dubzie
    Dubzie 1 month ago

    Order recieved

Buyers Comments

  • larjoo

    good!!! thx man!! good luck!)

    17 days ago
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