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Supported Operating Systems:
Linux / Apache
Additional Requirements:
  • PHP >= 7.x
  • CURL module active
  • Apache mod_rewrite
  • allow_url_fopen enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • file_get_contents enabled (Standard on most shared hostings)
  • MySql
  • MySQLi
  • PHP libxml
  • PHP exec

Doo- downloader | Any Video Downloader & API Control Panel

Create your dreamed downloader Website & API Console in seconds !!

The doo-downloader is a powerful fully responsive script which enables its users to download videos from more than 25+ websites. It also supports Mp3 conversions and API Access.

Doo-downloader-Lite runs in General Mode (Default Mode) .If your a beginner and if your using a shared server ,no worries because this is a lightweight script with massive options, Script can build a cool downloader as well as a fully functional API console ,which will have a lot more options and a variety of supported sites. You just need to setup everything from your back end admin panel , No coding skills will be required .

Activated mode could be General or VPS , Doo-downloader-Lite (Only General Mode available) isn’t using any third party API for its downloading or conversion operations. Every operation will be carried out within the script so you will not have to worry about API limitations , ads, etc. This amazing ,advance script will not require any coding skills or any complex term to set up , Our installer will do everything for you.

Doo-downloader is a fast,advanced,reliable & secure script in every aspect. Script is capable of fetching all the available qualities (best to worst) (144 P 15FPS - 4K 60 FPS) from more than 25+ platforms.once user pasted the URL script will generate the download links from multiple formats & qualities for its users. User will not have to manually select the platform our script will detect the platform and will generate the links in seconds.furthermore this script will allow user to download from any website from removing its bandwidth speed limits.

Supports multiple languages , you can add or remove any language from using script’s admin panel.

Let us walk you through some of the main & unique features that our script has. !!

Support downloads from (25+ Platforms) (Lite - General Mode)

If you have the doo-downloader lite ,our script will support downloads from more than 25+ platforms. Please follow the link to checkout all the supported platforms. Lot more platforms will be added every week.Some of the supported platforms are as follows.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • WWE
  • PlayTube
  • Pinterest
  • VK
  • OK
  • Puhutv
  • Like
  • Reddit
  • Soundcloud
  • Bandcamp
  • Break
  • Ted
  • Tumblr
  • Plays
  • LiveLeak
  • Imgur
  • And lot more..

Please follow the link full list of supported platforms


Doo-downloader becomes the top of the game by enabling its user’s to allow API access to their website users by its fully functional API Console & not only your website , your API also will support downloads from 25+ platforms. Absolutely No coding skills are required admin of the script will be able to enable API access to it’s user by just clicking on a button. In order to access API ,user will require a unique api key which will be assigned upon user registration.Admin will have the authority to control each functions,limitations to each user according to their activated plan or assigned API key.

With the dedicated admin panel you will be able to set up supported platforms,ads,activated streams for each plan,enable & disable popup ads,ban users by their API keys and IPs,change access limitations user wise, filter API access by adding allowed IPs & blacklisted IPs & etc according to user’s activated membership plans including given free access to the API.

API has two main streams.

1 . Button Api

Button Api will generate download buttons to the given URL from multiple formats and qualities.These buttons are fully responsive and will adapt to any iframe size. Therefore your users rather customers will not have to worry about their website design layouts. You will have an option to enable or disable ads for the specific user or plan according to their activated plan or api key from admin panel. Cool isn’t it?

Button api support downloads from (25+ Platforms) lot more will be added in future.

Supported Button Api Features

Video Streams - This option will output video stream buttons directly retrieved from the given platform according to the available qualities and platforms. (Only video formats will be available)

2. Data Array API

This option will enable users who are using API to retrieve data as data arrays when the URL is given. This option will work for all the above mentioned features. These data arrays can be retrieved in multiple formats as follows.

  • JSON
  • XML
  • HTML
  • And lot more

Plus this data API can be accessed in multiple programming concepts as follows.

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • cURL
  • Python
  • Java
  • C#
  • C
  • Lib
  • And etc..


One of the main features that will be required in order to run a proper API Console would be a Developer's guide area to guide developers from tutorials and DOCs how to use your API. Our script has a separate section within the admin panel for developer docs management. So admin will be able to define their own developer DOCs to their API users.these defined docs will be available to access by the API users.


Doo-Downloader has an inbuilt membership management system available. Using this option admin can create and manage an unlimited number of paid membership plans for their users in addition admin has the ability to create & manage functions of the Free & Public membership plans. Real time preview within the membership plans management area will help admin to see a preview of the membership plan in real time.


Doo-downloader is currently supports Pay Pal & Stripes but there will be a lot more payment gateways will be added in our future updates. Also you will have the ability to integrate any payment gateway to this script easily (programming skills will be required). If you need help with this contact us . maybe we can help you for a small fee.


All in one !! Our script will allows its users to browse youtube and play,download videos from our website without even redirecting to youtube. In future updates we will add browsing option for other sites like Vimeo ,Dailymotions, etc

One more thing !! doo-downloader script can have an unlimited amount of Youtube Api Keys. So you will never exceed the limits. You can setup these keys from the admin panel.

So much for a reasonable amount isn’t it? !!


We do understand how much more you can earn by putting up ads other than selling membership plans to your users. We support Banner Ads , Popup ads. You can enable these ads for website as well as for API.

Ex : Just imagine if you add Popup ads to your Public Button API , For each click on the button you will earn money. Easy isn't it? !

In addition all our banner ad spots are responsive. Even Though your ads aren't responsive our script will make them responsive so your website design won’t affect them.


Doo-downloader has an inbuilt session store system to make its operations more efficient. This option can be turned off , on or change via the admin panel.


All our scripts pages are fully optimized so you will not need to worry about the speed, rankings, fast indexing of your site.

Site meta information can be managed via the admin panel of your website.


Sitemap plays a huge role in search engine indexing. Our script has a dynamic sitemap generating option where you will be able to make site map operations fully automated. Each functions of these operations can be controlled via script’s admin panel. Including what are the links that needs to be added or removed from sitemap.

Doo-downloader has its rss feed which will be updated frequently.


DMCA complaints can affect your business but if there is an easy way to manage these requests you receive that would be ideal right? That’s why we have introduced a DMCA complaint form for our script. Via this form user will be able to file a DMCA take down request to admin directly. All urls will be automatically validated by our system while complainer making the request. Finally admin will have the option to approve or reject the requests from the admin panel. Approved URLs will be automatically removed from sitemap and blocked within the site.and these URLs will be not accessible within your website anymore.


Doo-downloader is an advance script, it may look simple but it has massive options and technologies involved building it. Admin of the script can control each or any function of the script from its admin panel such as User control, Membership plans control, API control,Ads control, Youtube search control ,Payment controls, Blacklisted IPs and Allowed IPs controls,Unlimited Page Creator, Blog Manager, Tutorials Manager, Images Manager,Language Manager,Detail Dashboard , DMCA Complaint Management, Report Generation & Export , Download Statics , API Calls statics and etc...



And there are many other important features within the script that makes your site one of the top downloader websites . Plus many more features will be introduced in future. This script will generate money while you sit and relax...!


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