Useful PHP Functions That Can Be Used In Any Project for $1

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Supported Operating Systems:
PHP 5.4 and later
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You need PHP 5.4 or later to run this script.
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Useful PHP Functions That Can Be Used In Any Project

Hello Clerks!

This is a php script that include very useful functions that can be used in any project. The script include 14 functions. These functions will help you speed up the coding process and makes your code look clean and professional.

I use these functions in every project. All I do is include or copy these functions and call them within the script when needed. Here are some functions included in the script:

  1. A php function that turns any integer above 999 with commas. For example, 1000 will turn to 1,000
  2. A php function that will add st, nd, rd, th to the end of any integer.
  3. A php function that will turn any string into a URL friendly string.
That and much more. These functions will make your life easier.


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