DesktopCatcher - Automatically Register Expired SEO Domains for $125

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Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Mac, Linux
Additional Requirements:
DesktopCatcher runs on most versions of Windows including XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server. MAC users will need to be using Parallels or a similar virtual desktop. Linux users will need to use Wine

DesktopCatcher - Automatically Register Expired SEO Domains

Everyday thousands of expired domain names "drop" and become available for new registration. Domain investors, SEO experts, affiliate marketers and dozens of other people around the world browse through these deleting domains and try to obtain certain ones for a variety of different reasons; Including investment, quick flips or development purposes. DesktopCatcher is an easy-to-use Windows program that will automatically attempt to register the expired domain names that you want!

How Does it Work?
Setting up this software is actually pretty easy. In fact, all purchases include a free copy of our eBook "The Ultimate Guide to DesktopCatcher" which I put together. It explains everything from start to finish! Users will download the software and install it onto their computer. Then, they can choose which registrars they want to setup and use to register their desired domains. DesktopCatcher currently supports one dozen different domain registrars which you to choose from. Each registrar can send between 1 and 2 requests per second. The more registrars you that you setup, the more requests you'll be able to fire off each second and increase your chances of having success! This software doesn't only drop catch expired domains, though. There is at least a half dozen other unique tools built inside to help you search and analyze domains for SEO metrics, availability and more!

This software has too many different features for me to try and list them all right here, so I'll just include some of the biggest. For a full list of features simply visit the Features page.

  • Domain Drop Catcher - The main tool behind DesktopCatcher. This allows you to enable and run up to 12 different domain registrar API's simultaneously in order to automatically check and register expired domains when they drop and become available for new registration.
  • Bulk MOZ Analyzer - Load large lists of domains and quickly check them for popular MOZ metrics including MOZrank, page authority and domain authority. This is great if you have a large list of domains that you wish to quickly check MOZ analaytics on.
  • Bulk EstiBot Tool - Users who have a paid account with EstiBot API access can use this tool to quickly check EstiBot data on a large list of domains. Perfect if you are wanting to quickly appraise a list of domains you recently scraped or put together.
  • Bulk Domain Availability Checker - As it says, this domain is used for checking availability on a large list of domains. Unlike the drop catcher tool which will send repeated requests to try and register a domain, this tool only checks each domain once. Perfect if you have a large list of scraped or generated names that you wish to check availability on.

Grab your lifetime license of DesktopCatcher today and start chasing expired domain names tomorrow! It's a one time payment available through either CodeClerks or directly on the website. Please note that license keys are only valid on one machine at a time.


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