• Yours tube for android
  • Yours tube for android
  • Yours tube for android

Version: 2.82

Supported Operating Systems


Additional Requirements

  • Android studio



This yours tube app for android in this app available all feature of video streaming app.This app is work through the API Key of any video streaming platform this app is better for you if you want to make video streaming platform app but you don't how to make the app or do not have knowledge yours tube app so many feature in app.

  • bookmark [/*]
  • share[/*]
  • download video [/*]
  • featured[/*]
  • most popular [/*]
  • feed[/*]
  • setting option
  • search video
  • video url[/*]
  • view thumbnail[/*]
  • open with[/*]
  • video quality option[/*]
  • caption support multiple language [/*]

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Buyers Comments

  • maxayuba

    Hello, I need this app urgently, i need to stream all this youtube events found on my webite https://247devotionals.com/category/live-streaming/

    All cip should be fetched from youtube immediately the different channels go live.

    can you do it? Also give me a demo you did thanks

    26 days ago
  • maxayuba

    Hello developer, I love your demo app bit was thinking you will build my app to best suite my needs. Also the pop playing does not have exit option, when I want to close popup video I cannot please work on that.

    secondly I want channels from specit churches to appear, can you give me the appmthat will only sow different churches live church programs?


    1. domi inc
    2. Dunnis church

    All these churches do stream live church programs, the gpoal of my app is to display any church the is like on you tube.

    25 days ago
  • annproduct

    maxayuba,In pop playing does have exit option. when you pop playing video maximize then click back button then exit
    Yes, sow different churches live church programs when you purchase app in the main file include document to set up

    25 days ago
  • maxayuba

    Which document?

    so you mean once anytime the chuirch goes live of will show on app?

    pleaee can you moderate and app let me see how it will look for live streaming

    24 days ago
  • annproduct

    Yes , anytime the church goes live of will show on app.
    See the document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XvdC6Pc1rG6gz6s0RHZK4aITFgPYIKQI/view?usp=sharing

    Only 4 days left of sale price

    24 days ago
  • maxayuba

    Wow this amazing now i will male order , so how donwe add Appnext or Admob pop ads?

    23 days ago
  • annproduct

    Maxayuba,Yes you will add Admob Ads.


    Also see my other offer sell app

    Instagram clone:-https://codeclerks.com/Apps/1393/Instatarm-Clone-for-android

    What a clone :-https://codeclerks.com/Apps/1386/What-a-clone-for-android

    23 days ago
  • maxayuba

    Ok boss I don't want clone for now let's finish this deal

    22 days ago
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